Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brad Dudley Discusses Preparation!

In the second part of our talk with ring announcer "The Auctioneer" Brad Dudley, he talks about how he prepares for a card.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Gary, Here are the results that I promised you from the PG County Fair.
Perrin Turner wins dec Joey Veazy
Nate Davis wins dec Andre Lowery
Brian Green wins over Donell Mills
Brady Senisbaughwins over Cris sing
Mike Reed wins over Rich Ellison
Chris Forbes wins over mike tulon
Vincent Price wins Preston Holmes
Dusty Harrison over Tremain william
Darious Utley over Robert Clark
Stacy Hilton over Troy Williams
John Thomas ovr Mark Brunette
Paris Solis over Felix Rigous
Notes: Mike Reed fought a extremely tough fight and had the crowd going crazy with his constant pressure.
Dusty Harrison a crowd favorite won easliy over a Tremaine Williams
who tasted the power and decided to literally run all night.
Nate Davis looked like the RINGSIDE Champ that he is.
John Thomas stopped Mark Brunette in the very first round.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Appreciate it! Thanks!