Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Please Participate in Poll!

Recently, I have been talking to people who are interested in doing webcasts (streaming video play-by-play) of Beltway Boxing cards. They've asked me to gauge the interest of Beltway Boxing fans in this idea. I have put up a poll for you to participate in. The poll is on the left side of the blog between the profile and the links.

I know Ballroom Boxing did this a few years ago, but this is an interesting possibility. Please vote on this idea. Thanks.


TH or JH said...

I think webcasts, particularly affordable webcasts, are the wave of the future. Network dates are almost impossible to come by and historically boxing has always been one of the sports that has seemed to fit nicely with the emergence of new technology. When televsion became readily available in the 1950's, boxing was the most popular sport on TV. Even prior that that, when Radio was the prevalent form of entertainment, boxing dominated the airwaves. My father in law told me a story about listening to the Joe Louis-Billy Conn fight on the radio and there were about 20 of their neighbors in his house for the fight! (Not everyone had a radio back then) Boxing made Pay Per View. To this day, boxing dominates the Pay Per View market with more shows in the Top 10 than any other sport. An International Webcast of a boxing show can be done for so much less money, and risk on the part of the promoter, than taking a boxing show the pay per view route. When costs are kept low, prices for the webcast can be kept low. $20 for a webcast seems excessive, but that would also depend on who is fighting. Supply and demand run boxing to a greater degree than in any other sport. I would think that a "club show" could be webcast to an international audience for a price of about $5. A lower level ESPN type of TV show could be webcast for a little more than that, say between $5 and $7. I think an upper level type of show, similar to an HBO pay per view would retail at what ever the market would bear. Supply and demand, that's what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, an interesting question, and an excellent post by Joe Hensley, who I fear has 'stolen a bit of my thunder', and done some of my typing for me! I do indeed think there is some 'untapped potential' in this regard Gary, as I just recently mentioned the other day.

* I did vote, and it was C. However - like Joe said - I have to be honest; it would probably have to be TEN dollars or less, unless it was a real barn-burner of a card!

P.S-Love the audio links on here!

Anonymous said...

BTW- Superb call on Baldomir-Gatti Gary. (I gave you your props on J.E's site!)

Gary Digital Williams said...

I appreciate that, Cruiserweight! Thanks a lot.

Joe: What you said here is definitely well thought out. Something to think about.

skinnyscott said...

Amen, Joe and Cruiserweight got it right!!! $5 for starters and $10 for huge fights. This might allow us diehards to watch some fights oversees too.

brad dudley said...

Hey boxing fans,

As some of you know I am the ring announcer for Jake Smith's shows. I approached Jake about web casting his shows. I thiought that there would be a market for decent club shows around the country for die hard fans that normally would be able to see the talent that is in this area.Our objective is to provide a quality broadcast or feed with play by play at a resonable or nominal fee. I asked Gary to post a poll to get a feeler out and see if there was enough interest both locally and nationally to continue to put together a web package.I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
As a boxing fan I know I wolud love to be able to see good club fights in Va.,DC.,Pa. which are places just far enough away I can't always get to. Thanks again
Brad Dudley the Auctioneer
p.s. Hope to see everyone in O.C on the 12th at Jake's next pro show

Anonymous said...

i think it's a great idea i like what your doing kep up the good work. Ed griffin