Friday, July 07, 2006

Nice Baltimore Sun Article on Franchon Crews!

Please pick up today's Baltimore Sun for a nice feature article on Amateur boxing champion Franchon Crews. The article's called "Knockout Voice, Killer Punch" and it was written by Lem Satterfield and John Eisenberg.

Crews will head to the national Golden Gloves this weekend.

Also, please send positive feedback to the Sun about this article. Let's convince the editors that boxing should be written about more frequently in their paper.

Thanks should also go to the Baltimore Examiner for picking up the slack. They have written some nice stories recently on Tyrell Samuel and Mike Ricasa. You can check their website to see those stories. I wish their brethren at the DC Examiner would do the same.


brad dudley said...

Finally some local coverage from the Baltimore Sun.Ms. Crews shouldn't have to win a gold medal in Argentina to get a story in the Sun.Their local coverage of pro boxing and amt. boxing has been poor to say the least,despite all the local talent here and in D.C..I guess we will see more after the comcast show of Jake's show on Aug.12. Thanks Gary and keep up the good work this is a great blog.....the auctioneer

Unknown said...

I met Ms. Crews at a Wendys she was speaking to a public safety officer who wasn't very kind to her. Even after the ill treatment she was still very pleasant. It good to see some home hero take it all in stride. Funny thing I too am a public safety officer but not in uniform, please don't look at us all in a negatiive light. It was a pleasure meeting you Champ