Saturday, July 08, 2006 Says: Aiken vs. Guerrero, Mitchell VS Williams, Corley VS.Witter!

The following information comes from truly one of the best boxing reporters in the business, Dan Rafael of and it involves three high-profile Beltway Boxers.

In his weekly notebook, Rafael writes that IBF Featherweight champion Eric "Mighty Mouse" Aiken of Forestville could make the first defense of his title against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero on Sept. 2. This is a bout that both men have wanted for a long time. Guerrero (18-1-1, 11 KO's) recently avenged his only loss with a knockout over Gamaliel Diaz on June 23 on ShoBox.

Aiken currently has a record of 16-4, 12 KO's. According to Rafael, if all parties agree to the bout and if Showtime decides to carry it, it could end up as the co-feature to the heavyweight bout between James Toney and Samuel Peter.

Another long-talked about battle could take place on August 19 when former WBA Super Lightweight champion the "Little Big Man" Sharmba Mitchell of Takoma Park takes on undefeated phenom Paul "The Punisher" Williams. There was talk that this bout was to take place on May 3, but the bout fell through and Mitchell (57-5, 30 KO's) ended up beating Jose Luis Cruz by 10-round unanimous decision.

What makes this bout even more intriguing is that Williams (30-0, 22 KO's), a native of Augusta, GA, has been training around the Beltway for quite some time now. To me, this is the epitome of a crossroads bout. The contest would headline an HBO "Boxing After Dark" telecast, according to Rafael.

And Rafael notes that negotiations are almost completed for a matchup for the vacant IBF Welterweight title between former WBO Junior Welterweight champ DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley of DC and Junior Witter of England. According to Rafael, the bout will take place in London sometime in September.

Corley (31-4-1, 17 KO's) has not fought since September of 2005 when he stopped Johnny Walker in the ninth round in Kinder, LA. Witter (33-1-2, 19 KO's)has been inactive since October of 2005 when he defeated Colin Lynes by unanimous decision to when the European, British and Commonwealth Junior Welterweight titles in London.

I'll keep you posted on how these bouts develop.


Anonymous said...

Mitchell vs. Williams is a joke. Williams is a beast and Mitchell is shot. Mitchell may be able to run for a few rounds but when Williams catches him it will be over. Unless Mitchell can fake another injury, collect his money and live to fight another day. Lets see, hurt is leg in the middle of the Tszyu fight, got paid, did the rematch and got paid again; got "cut" in the middle of the Smith fight just when Smith was taking complete charge of the fight, walked away with a win, and now gets this fight. The best bet in boxing will be to bet this fight "under"- either Mitchell gets ko'd or "injured" again.
Mitchell is no longer about fighting he is about collecting the pay. Williams must have some juice at HBO to get this opponent. They called Brock vs. Ibragimov "B.oring A.fter D.ark". This will be more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Aiken to fight a few ducks for a while and enjoy his title. He worked hard for it and should let that boy Guerrero alone. Plus if he loses, DC won't have any champions. If he can hold on for a while maybe Tony the Tiger or Sugar Poo can win one.

Anonymous said...

Dear DC- Boohoo, Aiken loses and no more DC champions. "Mighty Mouse" is only champ for a moment. The last real DC Champ was Joppy. Nobody ever knew his name yet he kept beating the best that King could find.
Rock is the only real champion from the area now and he calls the great city of Baltimore his home! That is where the new champions will be coming from. No disrespect to Tigger or PooBear, I wish em well, but the real tough new guys are from Baltimore. Keep your eyes on Ishmail and Tyrell.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Mouse is the real deal. I went to Jr. high with him and he was the littlest and the baddest guy in school. He could whip em all. Sugar Poo is the Joke! Scared to fight anyone with a winning record. I seen him get his but kicked for 2 1/2 rounds over on Ritchie Road by a 17 year old amature boxer with 9 fights to his credit. Even right now, Little Big Man Mitchell would completely out-class Sugar Doo. Trust me Joppy would destroy Poo within 3 rounds.
Joppy is now being trained by one of the best in the USA and his is on his A-Game. Yes I know there is a weight difference, and thats because Sugar Doo is over-weight.
Good Look Mr. Mitchell and Mighty Mouse. You are the ones who deserver it in DC.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Mitchell is a little, big joke in his late career. He should have never left Adrian Davis who had been like a father to him. He's changed more cornermen than a new born baby's diaper. Good luck to Aiken. Not too sure about Chop Chop though.